We love contracts! Employment contracts, leases, tenancy agreements, settlement agreements - we have a wealth of experience in translating these types of documents.

Company regulations (Bedrijfsregelement)

These can be big documents - but fairly straightforward to translate and definitely within our comfort zone.

Court documents

Under this heading we group decisions/judgments of the courts, documents submitted to the courts, such as statements of defence, statements of reply, statements of rejoinder, initiatory writ of summons, etc. Please note, we do not offer a checking service for these types of documents.

Company pension policies

These can be quite hefty documents with complex terminology, but we are experienced in translating these documents.

Notarial documents

We can handle any type of document that has been prepared by a notary - such as documents for the transfer of title, documents amending articles of association, articles of association, etc.

Not on this list?

If you have a document that doesn't fall into one of these categories, please contact us. We may be able to  help.